Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is It Ever Timely?

Life is fragile. That's what our teacher, Enrico Labayen, reminded me when he learned the news that Mary had passed away.

Mary was a stunning dancer. Young, passionate, talented, dynamic, ambitious, and full of life. According to her closest friends, she too was very positive, compassionate, humble and generous. Her passing away shocked the Philippine dance world because she was a gem: a dance icon in the making. She died at the very premature age of 20. Very untimely.

But is it ever timely?

If my time is now and I die in my sleep tonight, will my spirit be able to smile and say, "I have lived every single moment of my life without wasting a second to regret and bitterness"?

Will I be thankful for all the pain that came my way that made every joy sweeter?

Will I go satisfied that I have seen enough sunsets and enough daybreaks?

Will I rejoice knowing that I have loved with all my might? And shared everything I could?

Will I be content knowing that I have lived my life climbing the highest of its peaks and down to the depths of its mysteries, through the darkest of its nights, and the brightest of its mornings? Through alleys, roads and rivers?

Will I find pride knowing that I selflessly gave what I could?

Will I be able to say, "I lived"?

When is it ever timely?

And when my time comes, how will I say my final goodbye?

"Sometimes we encounter things in our path, but because our time has not yet come, they brush past us, without touching us, even though they were close enough for us to touch them." --Paulo Coelho

Thank you, Mary. For making this world just a bit better, brighter and enjoyable for some of us. Thank you for inspiring us. And thank you for this moment of reflection. Bouree your way up to heaven, and dance with the angels. The Creator is waiting for your first curtsy in His court.