Friday, August 28, 2009

Where Are The Asians?

The Miss U oh-nine coverage.

Your kasuys--- a curious observer, Rye, and a pageant enthusiast, Dan-- with pageant expert & co-author of, Jamesy, and their beloved HK Beckies gather at 8am for a morning of pinoy breakfast, lotsa chika & laughter, and 84 women vying for the coveted title of Miss Universe 2009.

They share their thoughts about the ladies' dresses, hair and make-up,
and Jamesy lets us in on some juicy background on the finalists
and what happens in the Top 15 selection process.

Revived Ep 16 The Grand Ligwakan*

*We are terribly sorry for the delay. This episode was supposed to come out right after the live telecast of Miss U. But it wasn't until now, Saturday almost, that mypodcast got its act together and allowed us to upload. Anyway, here it is. Sigh!