Friday, May 28, 2010

The HK Beckies (Heart) E

Hi all!

The event turned out a lot more well-attended than we had hoped it would be, and it's all because of your love and generous support.

We have been able to raise HK$8000.00 in cash and a few more in pledges! This may not be enough to pay for Enan's entire hospital bill, but it will surely go a long, long way.

Razel, the unsung hero for the night, was our all-around girl:
SM, PM, Talent Coordinator, Spinner, Accountant, P.A.

Enan and Steve are both overwhelmed by the amount of good vibes than even "friends they've never met" have been sending their way. They are tremendously grateful. Let us continue praying for Enan's swift recovery (he continues to fight, and is winning the battle impressively), and for resilience for not just for him but also for Steve, and every single person that lends them faith and hope.

Our CWL gurls, Sis. Nelsie Cola and Naemahhh Cyprus (not shown in pic)
do their rounds after the Homily.

Also, if someone still wishes to send in their monetary help, please feel free to message Rye, Miro or any of the Beckies, who can coordinate fund transfers and remittances with Steve.

Again, in behalf of Enan and Steve, we, the Beckies here in HK, Manila, Davao, Dubai, London, SG and everywhere in the world, give our sincerest, warmest thanks to everyone who supported that great Becky undertaking, whether by coming, performing, donating or just plain sending us good vibes. Enan will come out bright and shiny from this episode and it will be glory not just for him, but for all of us--- his loving friends.

Kisses & glitters,
The HK Beckies