Monday, July 21, 2008

About A Boy And The Visitation

The boy woke up to an sms that read:

"Hey mister! I'm seeing a potential client in your area. What are you doing?"

It was from Neo.

He replied:

"Just sitting here at home, wondering where my spare phone charger might have gone."

Then Neo called, asking whether he could swing by, to which, the boy graciously said yes; and three hours later, Neo was standing at the boy's gate. He let him in, offered coffee and they started to talk about everything but the past week.

After mustering enough courage to raise his issue, the boy cut Neo in the middle of his speech about why he had reservations on taking on the job being offered by his potential client, and asked bluntly, "So why did you suddenly disappear?"

"Because I got scared, I was getting into something I wasn't ready for. I'm not ready for a relationship," Neo admitted.

"Did I, at any point, make you feel like I was pushing you towards that direction?"

"No. But it was organically evolving towards that. And I know I had initiated that growth to begin with, and I chickened out when I started seeing it blossom."

"I was scared too, you know. But I fought it. Because it would be unfair for you if I just chickened out, just like that. I have no intentions of forcing you into anything. I just wish you had spoken before you disappeared," the boy confessed. "But everything's settled now, right? We both know we're just hanging out and there's nothing to be scared about."

"Yes," Neo answered with smile of relief.

"But are we still allowed to have sex?", the boy asked without any sign of bashfulness.

"Of course. Isn't that what we do when we hang out?"