Tuesday, July 15, 2008

About The Other Version Of The Story

After a friend finished reading About A Boy And A Test, he sent me the following message on MSN ---

Avalo sent 7/14/2008 8:29 PM:

add this: "The boy was confused and was willing to trash himself, knowing it would ease the situation for the moment, but make it worse the next day. He should have known and considered that he has friends, where he could have stayed, just to calm down, to let his emotions go and to spend a night in an environment that would not constantly remind him of the last few weeks!"

Somewhere, he had a friend, his "Big Cat", who couldn't afford to be too angry with him because he thought the boy was sufferring enough already. All he could say to "
Little Kitten" --- the boy --- was, "NEXT TIME MOVE YOUR ASS TO MY PLACE INSTEAD OF THINKING OF TRASHING YOURSELF !!!! what a silly kitten! no need to travel in a train alone!"


And the boy gave out his biggest, most heartfelt smile; for besides lessons that he learned, re-learned and re-evaluated, the biggest realization this experience has brought him was how much he was loved-- truly loved-- by the people he chose to be his friends.