Monday, July 28, 2008

Afloat And Sailing

The universe didn't even give me enough time for catharsis. It didn't give me ample time to cry at the thought of me being physically away from the people I had spent every single day of the past 3 years with. It just wanted me to look forward and brace myself for the exciting ride ahead --- to the world outside of what has become my comfort zone; a world that is a vast sea of limitless opportunities. Even before I woke up on Wednesday, there were already 2 job offers in my inbox, and they just keep coming until now.

What's even more enriching about this whole experience is the overwhelming love and support that I continue to receive from people around me. It breaks my heart, until now, whenever a colleague gets sentimental and tells me I will be missed. At the same time, it gives me joy knowing my presence is appreciated. It stupefies me everytime somebody says, "Why you?", in disbelief, because even I, do not know the answer. At the same time, it gives me pride that people respect my talent and work ethics. It makes me smile whenever I receive a message from someone who has read my blog, or has heard about it; because more than the concern that they show, it is in knowing that by being resilient, I was able to touch their lives, that makes the experience worth going through.

It is through this blog, though my entry, "Broke Often But Can Never Be Broken", that I was made to feel how so many people love me and trust my potentials. Allow me then, through this very same medium to thank every single soul who took the time to read my thoughts and share a kind word to me --- whether as a posted comment, a private message, an email, an sms, a phonecall, or an in-the-flesh confabulation. There are just so many, I can't even begin to enumerate your names in this post. Rest assured, each one of you will remain indelible in my heart. You have all made this experience a very empowering one. I will keep your messages in a safe place and pull them out whenever the tides get rough and my boat starts to lose its balance.

Being resilient is a value that only we can find in ourselves. Innate or instilled? There's really no way of telling. One thing's for sure though: if one doesn't have it in himself and he only borrows other people's outriggers to keep himself afloat in this sea of opportunities and misfortunes, not sinking will be a Herculean, almost impossible task. Sooner or later, he will have to build his own, lest he decides to discontinue the journey.

On the other hand, no matter how strong one's outriggers may be, without a sturdy sail, he will not go very far.

My biggest gratitude to all of you for being the sail that keeps me going. Every word and every little gesture of support that you have shared means so much to me. Every little ounce of hope and every message that says, "You're young. You're smart. You're talented." shows me how much love surrounds me and makes me stronger. Every single person that said, "You're beautiful.."

Uhmm.. well, nobody ever said that. Thanks, nonetheless.

"Love always finds a way
When the clouds have no silver lining
She comes thru shining
Love always sees the light
Through the darkest night
In a small way
Love always finds a way."

-Love Always Finds A Way
Peabo Bryson