Thursday, September 11, 2008

For A Change

Today, for a change, I got up at 6:30 am, determined to make it to my unusually early 8:30am call time at work.

Today, for a change, water was the first thing that went into my body, and not nicotine. Second was orange juice. 

Today, for a change, I decided to wear a baseball cap instead of poisoning my hair with styling product.

Today, for a change, I smiled at the first person who stole my seat on the train, instead of killing her with dagger looks. And even if she didn't apologize or even pretend to be sorry at all, I didn't mind. For a change.

Today, for a change, I played Ryan Cayabyab's Dancing In The Rain on my Ipod while in transit to work, instead of my upbeat, meaningless playlist labelled "On-The-Go 2".

Today, for a change, I had a decent breakfast (complete with all the three food groups we were taught in grade school) sitting down --- and took the time to chew and swallow it the right way.

Today, for a change, I had only a cup of coffee, instead of 5, with only two packs of brown sugar instead of 3 per serving.

Today, for a change, I didn't give in to laziness. I dragged myself into the gym, and finished all my back and triceps exercises -- 3 sets per. And finished my whole abs routine, without cheating.

Today, for a change, I took the train to Tung Chung from Sunny Bay, instead of to Central.

Today, for a change, I had mooncake and green tea at home from 8-9:30pm instead of free vodka at Volume.

Today, for a change, I felt good about staying in despite the fact that my closest friends were out, painting the town pink.

Today, for a change I am counting my blessings while enjoying the E-fu noodles with curry beef brisket that Law bought for me from what is known as the best noodle house in HK, and delivered hot and fresh right to my bedroom (I swear I didn't even have to get up from my bed) by Dan, instead of ranting about a colleague. (It's been a wonderful day. I'd be stupid to allow anybody or anything to spoil it. I'll blog about you, dear colleague, tomorrow instead.) 

Good night!

turning in at 1:30am, instead of 3:30. For a change.