Monday, September 01, 2008

Ode To A Faghag

In the deep blackness of the night, I aroused from my deep slumber, and found myself submerged in your embrace.

Like the eggshell to the unborn chick, your arms wrapped my being and protected me from the cold. My head, light and floating, you held in your hand, giving me a momentary episode of serenity, when the world outside struggled against hatred and bile. In your bosom --- your tender, comforting bosom --- my face was buried, and the warmth of your feminine body emanated to my skin. I could hear the calm, steady beating of your heart. It was what told me I was home. Safe and home.

Never before, since I learned the dynamics of sex, have I allowed any woman get to such close physical proximity.

Never before had any woman, other than my own biological mother, made me allow myself to succumb in such need for refuge.

It was the beauty of your spirit and your maternal raison d'etre that told me it was ok to embrace my vulnerability and be a child --- a defenseless, needy child --- once more.

I took a few breaths to relish the moment and in your arms, I said "Good night" to world around us.