Friday, August 29, 2008

About A Friend And Another Friend

Friendship is a foundation, not a hindrance.

He sees you every weekend, when the house lights go down and the lasers start to ignite. He knows everything that goes into your system, and how much of it your body can take. He knows how it affects you and how you want it to affect you. He's seen your eyes, felt your sweat, heard you sing when you reach that moment of oblivion. He's seen you in your happiest state of self-destruction. Still, he never counted you any less of a person.

He knows your relationship drama. He knows your frustrations as a lover and your frustrations as a beloved. He knows what your lover could do to make you happier. He knows how much happier you could be, if only. He knows the games that you play and whom you play them with. Still, he never judged you.

He knows you inside out.

He knows which part of Love For Siam makes you blush.

He knows that you don't like Miss Saigon.

He knows how that guy from his past has hurt you, because that guy was also from his past.

He's your type and you are his.

You have the same guardian who loves you both equally because you are the same in so many ways; and yet, very different in ways that are complimentary.

He --- the guy in the current situation --- should be the only hindrance. Not friendship.