Monday, August 25, 2008

You Should Be Glad It's Over

an exchange of messages on facebook

12:52am Jay
hi Todd! for the record, that night u walked out from Joe's, Dennis said "Jay is here", not "Jay is being fucked by several guys". he wouldn't say such thing because i wasn't. :-) u must've heard it the wrong way.

1:16am Todd
well..maybe u shouldn't even bother

1:20am Jay
don't be upset, Todd. i am trying to be as mature about this as i can.

1:21am Todd
leave it...

1:28am Jay
ok. thanks! good night! ;-)

I find it ridiculous how some people can brag about being brutally blunt, but can't have enough pride to stand by their words. Hideous. Jusssst hideous.