Thursday, August 07, 2008

About A Mom And Her Son

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Mom says (1:03 AM):

it's happening again. and i'm getting tired of it.

Son says (1:03 AM):
what is happening again??

Mom says (1:07 AM):
your dad getting scared again, disappearing AGAIN after a weekend of oblivion, without a word of notice, even out of the slightest respect for me.

Son says (1:09 AM):
well, he told you already about who he was and how things work for were warned ....that's the consequence of seeing him

there are just two options cut ties or accept this harsh reality

Mom says (1:09 AM):
i know. and i expected it too, in fact i was prepared for it. nakakasawa lang. it challenged me in the beginning. amused me even.

now i'm just tired of it.

Son says (1:10 AM):
bayaan mo lang. bandang huli when it becomes a norm siya na mismo ang quuquestion sa sarili niya

Mom says (1:12 AM):
nakakainsulto lang kasi --- i guess that's the most disconcerting part.

hmph! ewan! ok naman ako buong araw. nairita lang siguro ko ngayon dahil ineempacho ako.

Son says (1:13 AM):

hayyy! nay dont let him get to you. alcohol lang ang nakakagawa sa atin nyan. minsan hindi pa nga

Mom says (1:14 AM):
agree. he's not worth it.

Son says (1:17 AM):
ang realization ko nga minsan what we think is insulting or rude might just be a norm for some.....some people just dont know that they cause so much hurt....and what is even worse is that they can't be accounted for it because in their eyes there is nothing wrong

ganun lang tlaga sila

Mom says (1:18 AM):
that's true. kaya nga mas nakakainis e. because when he gets to my nerves, that means i allow him to take control of me. and you know i hate it when i lose control.

so anyway, enough about him. i have a serious case of indigestion to worry about.