Friday, August 15, 2008

Walk It Out

It's funny what people subject themselves to, before they realize it's not worth fighting for anymore.

It's even funnier what people subject themselves to, in order to find a way out, after they've decided to retreat.

Funny how much energy, time, and self-esteem people expend before they realize that the door is the easiest way out. That they just have to stand up; gather their things: the baking dish, the toothbrush, cigarettes, bag, shoes, and what-have-you's; walk out; shut the door behind them (bang it for more cinematic effect); and never look back. (At least until the lift opens and transports them to a safer place --- the lobby.)

photo credit: Planet Hood

It's over.

Tapos na.

Lessons have been learned. My life has changed. Take a bow. You played your role well.