Friday, July 10, 2009

There's A Battle To Be Won

There's a battle to be won. And as with any other battle, we do not only need the boldest and the fittest, we need power in numbers.

We need you.

We need everybody.

Because this battle does not only concern one particular nation, one particular race, or one particular class. Not just one particular ethnicity, one particular generation, one particular lifestyle.

It is a battle which knows not the principles of demographics.

This battle has already been killing millions and will continue to kill even more; and while mankind is not yet equipped to stop that from happening, we can stop the already-staggering statistic from growing even bigger.

Let's educate ourselves and others. Let's take that first step and then move on from there as a generation of bold, fit, learned human beings, large enough in numbers to defeat what promised to be a plague to wipe out mankind.

HIV/AIDS is still a force to reckon with. But it is NOT indefatigable.

Visit the AntiHIVirus site by clicking here. And join the Facebook group by clicking here. No bullshit. No gimmicks. Nothing that will ask for your credit card number or any password. All they solicit, is your commitment to learn and stay protected.