Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Medical Opinion

Because of a terrible migraine attack that disrupted my life this afternoon, I went for a medical check-up early tonight. Such episode paved the way for a couple of first's in my recent medical history.

First, it was the first time for me to go for a private doctor, post-Disney. Since I left Disney--- since I surrendered my AIA health card, as a matter of fact--- I worked so hard at keeping myself healthy so that I didn't have to pay $240.00 only to be told that I needed to rest and take some medication, which I could obtain OTC anyway.

Second, it was the first time for me to visit an unfamiliar doctor. Ok, so maybe Dr. L had, to a certain extent, a somewhat shady personality. But he was familiar and comfortable. He knew my medical history, and it just was oh-so-convenient to know that I didn't have to relay everything there was to know about my body everytime I went for a check-up. Unfortunately, Dr. L had moved to a different clinic already. I didn't have any choice but to succumb to the mercy of another medical practitioner.

Third, this was my first migraine attack in so long. The last time I had it, if memory serves, was in summer of 2007.

Fourth, and most importantly, this was the first time I had a very useful realization about my medical analysis. "Dr. New" said that my migraine was caused by heat, and the extreme brightness of the sun. I knew that for a fact. He said that to prevent it, I need to stay in enclosed spaces as much as I could. Knew that too. If, and only if, at any case, I need to subject myself to the scorching heat of the sun, I need to protect myself with an umbrella (for the heat) and a pair of sunnies (for the brightness). I knew those too, and I've been practicing them.

That's where it all made a difference. The question was: if I was practicing those preventive measures, why then did I not see a migraine attack coming, and how was I not able to prevent it from happening?

The answer was utterly sophomoric: Because my Burberry sunnies are dated, out-of-season, weary, have become incapable of fulfilling their duties. So... in the iterest of preserving my own health, allow me to say, "Tom Ford Andre, see you very, very soon!"