Tuesday, January 11, 2005

guilty as a girl can be

From this entry on, my “shooting star” shall be referred to as “george”


I slept over at george’s last night. While I was working on something by the dining table, he came down from his workroom and gave me a starbucks journal. Printed on the first page were the words: “EVERY COOFEE HAS A STORY.” Under it, he wrote: “And so has every love.”

On the third page, he wrote:


Some sense of accomplishment ---
A reward for something
I worked hard for.
Nobody deserves it more
Than you do.



Earlier tonight, he had dinner with the guy who almost tore us apart but ended up making us fall deeper in love with each other. After the dinner, he surprised me by coming over to my place. He talked to me about what transpired during the course of their meal.

It just lifts my spirit to know how much happier we have become since we’ve overcome our unpleasant year-ender. I now find comfort knowing that he knows how much I love him. He now refers to that bitter episode we went through as a test. And I can’t help but smile everytime he says “next time it happens, we know what to do. It will be a lot easier.”

George has changed a lot. He’s not the same george I knew in the beginning. From the sweet, endearing human sex machine, he has become a more loving, adorable, sweeter partner. But still never out of libido. In fact, he has become a lot sexier (and a lot less cranky) when he learned how to communicate his feelings. I just keep falling deeper for him every single day of my life.

I only feel bad now that I failed to reach out to the guy I was referring to 3 paragraphs back. I really want to get to him better, and perhaps be his friend. I know he tried. I failed. Now I feel guilty.


speaking of guilt…
at 7 am this morning, I had jollibee’s version of sausage mc muffin. At 10, I had mcdo’s longanisa meal. For lunch I had two-piece chicken with a cup of rice. Then I had a meal complete with rice, prepared by mom for dinner.

In the span of 24 hours, I danced for 5 minutes.

God! That’s too much carbs for one day! Merde!