Monday, January 10, 2005


lately, i haven't been so excited as before about my blogspot.

then i saw my bro's first entry. and it hit me: why do i only contemplate about my life when it's filled with too much drama? so i am contemplating on my life now...

the past week has been one of the grandest weeks of my life. the man i shed a thousand of buckets of tears for has come back to my life and i welcomed him with arms (and legs!) wide open. we are learning about each other a lot and at the same time, about ourselves too. we have pointed out the things we have to work on and are we are now more than eager to work on them, to make this relationship a nurturing refuge for us both.

last night i did a stupid mistake and he got irritated. but i have learned to accept my mistakes and have become humble to say "sorry". and he has become able to speak his mind and has opened himself to confrontation. subtle confrontation. that kind where you use the heat of the moment to really show what your true emotions are without magnifying the other person's shortcoming. and it was great. we were able to use it to our advantage. we went to sleep with our issues settled. and he held me tight in his sleep.

last night i found my most precious sanctuary. that little space between his left arm and his chest. it provided me with comfort; with the warmth that couldn't be found elsewhere. it made me feel human. loved. cared for. wanted. needed. it made me feel whole.