Sunday, May 20, 2007

31 Hours and 15 Minutes Of Melancholia

A few hours before lunch yesterday, the summer rain started to trickle down on Lantau Island, which, in a few minutes was drenched by the heavy downpour that became of the drizzle. I love the rain. I find it very poetic. And it brings back so many memories from my happy childhood. When it rains, I feel a plethora of potent emotions that just propel me to write, or dance or just create something that at least I would consider artistic. The heavier the rain, the more varied and intense the emotions that I feel.

The rain that started around 10am yesterday continued until it lulled me to a deep slumber, and continued even more until I woke up at 6 this morning to see a friend off at the airport. Even more until after my second show for the day. It could've been an opportune time to finish a few projects I have started --- or start a new one. But it has been a very busy month for me, with all the friends that come to HK to visit and the friends that leave us for another city, whom we've been exhausting all means to spend each possible second with.

Today's departure will be the last for this month. After 6 visits to airport this month (arrival and departure together), I am just exhausted right now. So today, despite the calling of the Universe to create, I just laid low. I chose to focus on melancholia, among all the other emotions that I've been feeling since yesterday, because it is that which requires the least amount of physical energy. I may not have been able to create something today, but I relished every moment of my wallowing in melancholia. It will be my inspiration to do what I postponed to do today when I am more physically capable.

I just need to rest for now. But with all the inspiration I have gathered and stored from the rain yesterday and today, I will be ready to challenge myself artistically again in a few days. Rain or shine.

Ok, kid.. You might find this weird. Coz I did.
My melancholic episode ended abruptly when you called. Your 1 min. 44 sec.-call made me smile and I just couldn't stop smiling until now.
weird, huh? it's ok, though. I love this certain kind of weirdness. :-)