Monday, May 21, 2007

on being busy (or otherwise)

these are chris, julius and dan.

chris is the youngest of us four. he is often bored and is always trying to find ways to make his life more exciting. he is now the only non-chinese dance program scholar of the City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) here in HK. besides his weekly dance classes at CCDC, he manages to squeeze in latin dance classes 2-3 times a week in his already-busy schedule. he wants to enrol in a crash course on hairstyling and make-up at toni ang guy.

julius flew to london 2 weeks ago to be with his boyfriend, nigel. they will marry on may 31. julius spends his days in london taking dance classes and auditioning for different dance projects while working as a bar-tender in a posh gay bar there.

dan is the oldest of us four. his days off are something he looks forward to. he works his ass off and downloads films and tv series during the week then finishes them all on his days off. ALL of them. on top of that, he still finds time to jog and make dinner during those days. he records our podcast with me on wednesday and saturday nights. tonight, we barely talked since i got home because he is busy doing his thing. but we will attend to our podcast as soon as i finish writing this entry. he is also my flatmate.

we call ourselves nutmeg, almond, walnut and coco. our friends (and detractors) call us the swarovskis.

this is verna. she is an honorary swarovski. she just recently fell in love again and she spends most of her time with her lucky boyfriend --- cooking, chatting, being cute and all that. we haven't had the chance to hang out since she changed her friendstr and myspace status to "in a relationship".

they are all busy. they all have something worthwhile to do with their lives. and they all agree that i have an addictive personality.

i call that passionate.

it just feels weird right now that i seem to have lost all my passions. i need one, pronto! maybe a new hobby, a new project or a new love interest. i just need something to direct my extra energies to.

lord, please give me one. AMEN.