Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hope For The Flower

Wednesday, exactly a week ago, a week after my Asian friend decided to start his personal battle against drugs.


White boy: Why do you keep rubbing your nose?

Asian boy: Because my nose is not used to too much cold. I'm from a tropical country, for crying out loud.

White boy: Oh ok. I thought you snorted something. (smiles slyly)

Asian boy: I did not, silly!

White boy: But do you want some?

Asian boy: Do you have some?

White boy: (grabs Asian boy's hand and discreetly passes him a bag of coke) Why do you always have to ask that?

Asian boy: (smiles, then gives back the bag after a beat) No. I can't do that tonight. I'm working tomorrow.

White boy: (teasing) Working? When did that ever stop you from doing it?

Asian boy: (adamantly) Tonight. Excuse me. I need to go check on my friends. (leaves)