Sunday, December 16, 2007

Absolut-ly Not

Late last month, I opened up myself to the possibility of dating again, and made the announcement through my blog and on Multiply. Until now, I haven't received any invitation. I surmise three possible reasons:

  1. My potential dates don't read my blog and people who do read my blog are not potential dates;

  2. Potential dates who've read my blog are having a hard time fulfilling my requirement;

  3. Nobody's just interested at all.

It doesn't matter now. The search is over. For I now have in my collection:

Absolut Disco --- for the dancer, the partyphile and the vodka drinker in me

Thanks to my good friend, Lawrence (he whom I have introduced to my readers long ago as my ever-reliable shopping buddy; now also an ever-available drinking buddy, my ever-compatible bashing buddy, my ever-accommodating sleepover buddy [some of my entries were written at his place in the middle of the night, both of us slurring] and an ever-loving something buddy. Note: "something" is not tantamount to "fuck".) for saving me from the agony of rounds and rounds of bad dates that I would've been obliged to sit through, eat through, strip naked through, and spend the night through in exchange of this limited edition collector's item. I need not do that. Absolut-ly not.

Love you, Kuya Law!