Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday Is The New Saturday

...for me, at least (and Marah too). From today until six weeks hence.

I was so dreading this shift cycle change. I realized today it's not that bad after all. For starters, I went to bed quite early last night without taking anything to induce sleep. Nothing at all. Not even the herbal over-the-counter sleeping gels quite famous here in HK. In effect, I woke up this morning without hangover of any sort.

I had my Centrum, detox caps, yogurt, bread and soya milk and started milling around the house, thinking what to do to keep myself busy (and keep myself away from the mall).

Three hours and a few calories spent later, I was amazed at the work I had done. I have transformed my room from this:

to this:

I moved the bed (by myself) from its former blocking with the head against the northwest wall of my room to the southeast wall. The closet, from northeast to southwest. (Again, by myself) The floor, I vacuumed and scrubbed. My northeast wall (where the closet used to stand against), I left blank for the project I have been wanting to do: the Mamangun wall.

I took out all my scarves (I didn't know I had so many) and jackets (these, I don't have that many. Maybe two or three additions would not hurt) from the vacuum bag where they remained hidden since the first hint of spring this year.

By 5 pm, I was done with all the room makeover work and it was time to go and find an electrical shop to get a fuse. It's the party season and we have to get our oven in commission again. Roast chicken, baked mac, baked zucchini and brownies had been our (me & Dan's) staple potluck contribution and people will be expecting them.

I wasn't racing against time today, so I decided to walk a good 800 meters from our place to the town center. Ahhh! The feel of Lantau winter air! Refreshing would be inadequate to describe it.

I got to Fu Tung Market and accomplished what I needed to accomplish in less than 5 minutes. I was at Taste, the only first-world-ish grocery store (in terms of the items they sell) on Lantau Island to get a tray of eggs when I saw an ad by the kitchenware section that said "Cooking is joy." I decided to make dinner. I considered making beef stroganoff. Marvin, a fellow dancer has been requesting that since last month. But Nigel, the gorgeous husband (yes, legal husband) of my very good friend, Julius, will be here next week and I'm hosting dinner for him. I wanted to reserve stroganoff till next week. Instead, Dan and I had for dinner:

Lettuce medley salad (with lots of feta cheese) and garlic pomodoro with anchovies, capers and olives on 4-cheese fresh tortelloni. Yum! And we had them, using my 2-year-old-but-used-just-once white Italian pasta plates.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I productively spent my Tuesday off. How I loved it. (I hope I will never get tired loving it, because I have 6 friggin weeks to deal with it!)