Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Is The New Friday.

for me, at least. From today until six weeks hence.

What to do on a Monday night? Uhmm...

Moving on...

To celebrate my new Friday, I went to the mall on the way home to check if there was anything interesting playing the cinema. Nada. As I was on my way to the taxi stand where I was to meet up with Dan, I passed by Esprit and my attention was called by this little baby.

He was lonely and abandoned. He needed someone.

So I took him home with me, to be with others who will love him the way he should be loved.

Now, that's family.

This Christmas will be a merry one for him, his foster family and friends. :-)

For my new baby and his foster family, this song is for you, this Christmas:

"...We are a family/ Like a giant tree/ Branching up towards the sky..."

(I'm guessing Steve would either be shaking his head profusely in disapproval or flashing an I-told-you-so smile when he reads this. But Steve, you have to understand. It's the Christmas season. We should be spreading some love and goodwill. I just did my share in making this world a better place to live in. And besides, I've been a good boy the past 4 days. I deserve to reward myself. Reward. I said reward. My Christmas gift [for myself] is still in IFC, waiting to be picked up. We'll start saving up after Christmas, I promise.)