Thursday, December 13, 2007

The "Silent Love" Diaries 1 & Ballet Les Femmes Sneak Peek

The results of the internal Christmas show audition were posted up last week. "Silent Love Runs Deep" didn't make it; which was quite a relief for me because as much as I love the choreography, I just didn't think I would be ready to essay the pas de deux in front of that big a crowd. We decided to continue working on the piece anyway and show it in the Lion King Christmas party instead.

My original partner, Kitty, had to back out because she has an engagement on the night of the party. She was replaced by my very good friend, a very, very soulful dancer, Belle.

Kitty, the girl with legs and arms and back other female dancers would kill for.

Belle --- the extensions, the strength, the soul and the heart
photo credit: Jojo Mamangun

Belle and I have known each other since our days with Ballet Philippines. As contemporaries in the company, we've done numerous shows together but I've never really partnered her. Our stint here in HK, which came about 2 years after I've left the company, has made us very, very close. We've learned a lot about each other's temperaments and this familiarity makes our partnering in this dance project even more exciting for me.

Rehearsals with Belle start tomorrow.


Mamu (my flatmate and my choreographer for "Silent Love Runs Deep"), is up for another dance project, Ballet Les Femmes, which we will also perform in the Lion King Christmas Party. Another great piece to be really excited about.

Here is a sneak peek:

for the love of God, please ignore the turned-in tendu leg.