Sunday, August 26, 2007

Accidental Entry

I am writing this entry drunk and looking (and feeling) stupid. Pardon me for all the typos and incoherence I might commit.

It's a Saturday night. My giood friend, Chris and I had planned to go oiut and have a drink and be home by midnight.

Well, I am drunk. It's 3:36am, I am not home and Chris is nowhere to bge found.

I guess the lesson to be learned is: I just don't have the discipline that I thought I have. Well, at kleast I have the decency to not call insick tomorrow. Unlike my alternate.

At about 8pm tonight, he called me to say he couldn't come to work because he had a jod interview in Macau. I sounded cold. Then he texted me, saying:

Sorry for being off, got shot to do and I don't care anymore.
I will make iot up to you."
I replied:
At least care that your trackmate also
has shit to attend to.

He said:

Listen, I don't need to explain to anyone
whjat I have or need to do so
don't giove me that trackmate bullshit.
I told you, so you know.
What you or anyone thinks of me,
I don't care. If you can't do it then I will go in.
Let me know.
I can't do it.
A ftrined:
Why are you being so hard on him?
I am not.
He doesn't care. So I don't have to care.
Now, we're even.
Not out of being drunk or anything, but I really think he's the most abusive person I have ever met. I... well.../
Good Night! GOtta be up in 3 hours to say hi to my friends at the morning party. Then straight to work.