Tuesday, August 21, 2007

..and then there was light.

Sunlight.. on Sunday.. after 2 weeks of sporadic rainfall of varied intensities. That's what I meant.

So I got up at 7am and headed right to the grocery store to pick up stuff I'd take with me to the beach. It was such a thrill to be doing groceries at that hour of the day --- no long lines, no cart bumpers, no loud-mouthed shoppers, and the staff looked fresh and a lot friendlier than usual. I was probably the first customer Taste serviced that day. It was quite entertaining to see the look on the lady-in-the-counter's face when she saw what my cart was filled with --- vodka and other sorts of alcohol and mixers --- at half past 7 IN THE MORNING!

At 8am, I was back home making jello shots and drunken strawberries.

Took a little refresher nap and headed to South Bay Beach by noon. It was my last weekend off for this set-days off cycle. The next time I will have that again, it will be winter already. There was no way I was gonna miss the beach. No way.

they just love those strawberries

noel, derrick and me

todd, ido and harold

michael and that sexy guy named tony

the rainbow flag at south bay

The day ended with pizza, beer, and a few episodes of Sex & the City and Dante's Cove at Tony and Kevin's apartment.

"The way I see it, if you want to see the rainbow,
you gotta put up with the rain."

--Dolly Parton