Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everything Happens For A Reason

I finally decided to buy a new Ipod to replace the one that I had that was stolen at work two weeks ago. After calling Fortress, Broadway and Designer Group, and asking the staff to check their other branches for stocks, it dawned on me that Ipod videos are SOLD OUT in all of Hong Kong.


So I went to Times Square to get some nice Puma shoes for myself and for my ex. I got there only to find out that the store was closed for renovation.


As soon as I got out of the mall, I called my friend, the ever-reliable shopping buddy, Lawrence and told him to meet me up at CK Fashion Island. I wanted to buy a bag just so that my trip to Hong Kong Island wouldn't turn out to be an utter waste of time and energy.

Then I saw a fruit stand that makes freshly-blenderized juices. I asked for a banana shake. The vendor realized, as she was about to make it, that their blender wasn't working. She gave me the banana instead and suggested that I just eat it while walking.


I walked in the CK store and two bags instantly caught my attention: a black canvas tote bag with leather handles & top piping, and which carries the CK pen that is their standard for this season's bags (Image shown below);
and a white canvas duffel bag with dark brown leather handle & piping, and which also carries the CK standard pen (Image shown below).

After about 15 minutes of deliberating which one to buy: the black tote OR the white duffel, I remembered what my friend, Steve (funny he once referred to me as "material girl" when he is the one who I am quoting now), once said: "Honey, we don't say OR, we say AND."

Not wanting another frustration for today, I said to the salesgirl: "I'll get both."

And so here they are, my newest roommates:

Now I understand why the Universe conspired to not give me that Ipod or those Puma shoes -- so that I could get the deer skin that I adopted a month ago, playmates.

Note to my mommy: Rems, it's my birthday month! I'm allowed to splurge, aren't I?