Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Sad Good-Bye

I lost my Ipod at work today.

At around 4pm, I was brought to an office where I was supposed to file a loss report. The woman who received my report asked me how, if they ever find a "white 30Gb Ipod", they could make sure that it was mine.

I gave them the following points:

1) the Ipod name was Ryeness.
2) I could furnish them a copy of the serial number.
3) the first three songs were: "A Brand New Day", "A Brand New Day" and "A Brand New Day" (different versions, of course)
4) I could enumerate all 25 episodes of "The Dan & Rye Show" in the podcast folder.
5) I could enumerate the contents of the movies folder. All 40 porn flicks.

I want my Ipod back! That was my renewal gift for myself last year. That, and a Tiffany necklace, which I've also lost some 3 months ago.