Thursday, August 02, 2007

For "George"

Thank you.

Perhaps there's nothing left to say at this point but thank you.

After all that's been said and done, I find solace in knowing that I have loved somebody with all my heart and with all my might. And in knowing that once in my life, the kind of love that I was able give was all that mattered to you. It was all that I needed to make you happy. To give you shelter in the storm. To wash away your worries and make you believe that everything will be just fine. To put you in a deep, sweet slumber at the end of the day. And to give you strength to face another gruelling day ahead of you when you awake in the morning.

My pains have long ceased to exist. And the scars are now but faint marks of a seemingly distant past. I have stopped crying long before I sent you the sms on June 5th. The last tears that fell from my eyes are now just fragments of a bitter past. A past that is not even bitter anymore.

Thank you. Because of you, I am a better man. A better lover. A better friend.

Thank you. Because of you, I found out how much love I am capable of giving. And how much love I can receive in so many different ways.

Thank you. Because of you, I now understand better the impermanence of everything. And how I should cherish every moment while it lasts, rather than be daunted by its demise.

Thank you for the talk that we had on Nathan Road tonight. Maybe there really is no more new beginning for us. At least we have something to begin our happy ending with.

"My wounds have healed.

And now, I look back at all this

With fondness.

Still capable of loving,

Strong enough to face another battle.

Hopeful that next time,

I'll emerge victorious."

Thank you, George!