Saturday, August 25, 2007

For My Wife

Not all dancers are capable of doing multiple pirouettes. And not all dancers are blessed with the heart and the guts to even try.

Be proud. Be very proud. You may not have achieved that extraordinary feat despite the many desperate tries, but you gave your doubles an elegant finish --- with laudable poise, grace and dignity. The audience applauds you more than those who did quadruples but ended with a collapsed back and a knee injury. You propped your foot with conviction on the floor; others just didn’t have enough strength to hold their passé leg. They presented their finish-in-fourth with a smirk while you did it with a genuine, contently victorious smile.

Remember what our teachers always say: “It’s not how many turns you do that measures the strength of your core and the proficiency of your technique. It’s how clean your single pirouette is.”

Who knows, maybe next time around. Just don’t be scared to try again.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with a song that helped me cope: