Friday, August 17, 2007

What This Boy Wants (The Introspective Process)

On Wednesday night at Volume, I was asked four times by four different men why I'm single. One of them described me as having "an amazing body, beatiful skin, dazzling smile and a kind heart". Of course he could've been just sweet-talking. But it was still flattering, nonetheless.

Last night, Dan and I met a nice English boy (boy, literally. 17 years old) who played billiards with us. After a few sets of 8 ball and some beer, he introduced us to his mom and aunt --- very, very cool ladies who find homophobia a "bloody disgusting crime". Before we called it a night, they asked Dan and me WHY we are single.

On the train tonight from work, Chris brought up the topic again. And then I realized, I have been neglecting to attend to my self-assigned homework.

On that note, let me begin, here on, my introspective process.

And as a follow-up to the "Fire" intermission number I left in the first part of this series, here, very few ladies and gentlemen, is the hottest singing gay group from Holland...