Thursday, August 23, 2007

Not Just Another House Guest

“What’s it like to be a ‘celebrity blogger’?” I asked.

It was a Monday night. I had been busy all day making beef stroganoff and mexican chicken wings while helping out our cleaning lady do her job to get things done faster. Dan was at work. Earlier in the afternoon, Dan met up with him and got him in the park. Chris was home, sleeping all day.

By 9pm, we were all seated around the dining table: Dan, Chris, him and me --- talking about life, love, family, blogging, career, friends and sexuality. Dan was cerebral in his questions, as usual while I was a bit more emotional. Chris managed to keep quiet all night, hiding his unusual shyness under the guise of being tired after pumping iron and playing with the treadmill. He answered the questions casually and matter-of-factly.

After a hearty dinner, 3 liters of wine, some jello shots, a few cans of beer and almost 2 hours’ worth of podcast material, we called it a night. Too late a night though for him to go back to the hotel. He decided to stay over.

Fun night! And more than the fun, it's been an honor for The Dan and Rye Show to have had in our studio our favorite listener (he insists he’s a fan, not a mere lurker) --- celebrity blogger and 1/3 of the troikasters --- Joel McVie.