Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not (Entirely) About Me

Even Dan, and all the best and closest friends I have ever had, who are almost obliged to deal with my self-indulgence, sometimes get sick of always dealing with me and my being the center of the universe. I know, 'cause I get tired of my own self too, sometimes.

So today, for a change, I decided to write an entry that is not about me. This is about the 5 blogs that I have always been fascinated with, because they are more than just whining, and bitching, and stories of failed relationships, and sex fantasies. Very different from my blog. Still personal, as their authors talk about their passions, but in a manner that's not as self-indulgent as I do mine.

I had long wanted (and promised their respective authors) to feature them in my blog, and direct readers to them. That was back when I had a decent number of readers still, and my blog would get at least 50 hits a day. My blog popularity has already waned and I still haven't featured them. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity. But what really is the perfect opportunity? I realized that...

Oh damn! This is not about me nga pala.

So, in no particular order:

Cooking In Small Spaces by Mike Rivera

First of all, Mike Rivera is a woman. Tita Mike, as she is fondly referred to by her friends, I included (not about you, Rye! not about you!), takes us to the relatively small but ever-so-prolific kitchen of their lovely dark wood and antique-adorned apartment in Cubao and shares with us, generously, her recipes-- some tried & tested, some passed on from the roots of her family tree, and some new & just-concocted.

What makes the recipes even more interesting, is knowing that Tita Mike is a career woman. She is a professional whose day job has something to do with marketing, advertising, and memorizing all the versions of the Caronia that ever came to life. She also writes for events and co-authors (with her longtime partner, Palanca awardee Augie Rivera) children's books, and designs costumes for theater. It's amazing how she still finds the time to even crush some garlic. But she's a superwoman. She does find time to do that, and create palatable masterpieces with them and a few other ingredients.

Tita Mike has recently been featured in's "What's Cookin' With AHA" with her heirloom recipe entitled, "Ang Laswa ni Lola Pasing".

Riccichan by Ricci Chan

Some people may know Ricci as "Angel" in the Philippine Production of Rent. Others may know him as the original and incomparable "Didi" in Zsazsa Zaturnah Ze Muzical, or as "Joshua" in the stage version of Temptation Island; or as a singer, composer, musical arranger, record producer; or as a stylist, or makeup artist. Well, he is also a blogger. And all his learnings and theories in his craft-- his every craft-- he shares here. Including his innate wit and sarcasm.

Money Me by Steve de Castro

A Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of the Philippines, Steve has always been regarded by his peers and the corporations that he has worked for, as a gem, except for his coldness in the workplace and his being unapproachable. But can you blame him? Can you really blame him? On his computer, and at the tip of his fingers are billions of dollars-- the flow of which, he has to closely monitor to make sure that the giant corporation doesn't sink even in the worst of times. He struggles, day in and day out to make sure every single cent that makes its way in and out of the company is accounted for and you complain about him not noticing how good you look today? Duh!

Well, Money Me is his escape from all that stress. Was. It talks about money, still, but in a way that would help the uninitiated (such as me. again!) understand the basics of finance, as opposed to in a way that would cause finance people's eyes to atrophy sooner than most others, and their guts to grow a few inches inexplicably over the period of six months. Just like what happened to him while he was in that situation.

Steve is now on sabbatical, enjoying life, and spending the enormous amount of money he has saved from his previous jib. He is also taking a break from updating this blog.

A Practical Magician's Post by Lawrence Villegas

Lawrence's professional blog is for the technorati, and for any person who aspires, or pretends to be one.

"Practical Magician's" talks about stuff that range from microblogging to social media strategy.

Lawrence, being trained in his youth in theater and being exposed for 2 years in HK to friends who think they are God's gift to mankind, is a critical thinker. In his blog, he analyzes why & how some media online campaigns work, and why & how some don't. That was back then-- when I was still a follower of his blog. I don't know anymore how it has evolved. I have stopped following it. Some of it is nothing more than gibberish to me. To me. But he has his own niche that is ever growing and that religiously follows the blog.

So again, it is not for me. But if you are a technorati, or you are a person who aspires, or pretends to be one, this is for you.

I wear HK
by Jethro Pioquinto

Besides being one of the few Filipino young choreographers in our generation who has earned credibility in the local dance world and in the international contemporary scene, Jethro is also a fashion person.

Back in the day when dance was something he needed, at all costs, to do because it fed his soul, but which didn't feed his stomach, he designed clothes for a posh but affordable, almost-very gay retail brand in Manila. Doing so fed that little part of his soul, and the huge part of his stomach that dance didn't.

Jethro is now in HK, and although he is now well-fed in all areas of his life, he still hasn't forgotten his penchant for style and fashion. He no longer has the need to be married to fashion, he is now doing it leisurely. "I Wear HK" is the output for that hobby. Passion, I meant.

In his blog, Jethro observes through his Filipino eyes the fast-paced, cultural melting pot that is HK, and identifies what its peoples wear. And how it defines them. And us, our generation. And us-- the Filipino diaspora that has somehow mixed and blended with the colorful, pattern-filled Hong Kong populace but is still striving to keep our own cultural identity.

He is cooking up a project for his blog, where he will feature fashion-forward styles that he sees on the streets. A project that he will endeavour with up-and-coming photographer, Van Castillo. A project that may also blossom into something outside of fashion. Fingers crossed.