Friday, January 01, 2010

Postponing New Year's

The post. Postponing the New Year's post. Not the arrival of the new year, it's inevitable. Not the festivities, either. It's a sin to postpone any activity that involves consumption of alcohol in large quantities.

I was gonna post something more apt for the occasion, like a review of the year that had just closed or a promise to make the one that had just opened, a lot better than the previous ones, but I decided I'll save that for when all New Year's celebrations have finished.

For today, the first day of 2010, I decided to write about two anniversaries that took place just recently, but which I hadn't written of. And since I am a person who is big on anniversaries (I am bigger on anniversaries than on birthdays or national holidays), it is but just that I write about them, albeit late. You know what they say, better late than never.

December 18, 2008--- I went over to T's after a night of drinking. Loaded with a huge dose of liquid courage, I said to him. "Are we a couple? We have to make this official. Tonight." I was adamant. I made sure he had no way out. Shotgun marriage-- almost like that. And then quickly, I kissed him good night and dozed off; I didn't wake up the following morning until I was sure he had gone to work. I made sure he had no chance of taking it back.

A year, and way too many happy moments together, he still hasn't taken it back, thank God!

I AUMULU, T, here's hoping for many, many more wonderful anniversaries which I won't mind you forgetting, but which I will never, ever get tired reminding you and celebrating. (Next time, hopefully, not over breakfast.)

December 28, 2004--- Out of need of a venue to let it out, Can't You Read?, was born.

Five years; 36, 332 views since its resurrection on May 19, 2007; 510 posts; thousands of hours on end; countless emotions, people, events & life experiences; 3 blog awards & a few reviews and citations here and there; and dozens of new friends later, Can't You Read? is still alive. Not as busy as before, but somehow still serving the same purpose.

This is the very first time that I am celebrating my blog anniversary, and that shouldn't be the case, because my blog is way more abused than any of my best friends-- always there when I need it. Just when I need it.

Thank you, Can't You Read?. And I continue my relationship with you, knowing that somewhere, sometime, one person will stumble upon you and you will change his life, for the better. Oh, and thank you, Dan, for motivating me to blog again.

I once read a love quote that said something like, "Someday, someone will come and make you thank God that all the others in the past didn't work out." To that someone in my past who is now a good friend--- for pushing me to be where I am now, which made my meeting with T possible; and for that wrinkle in our history that made me start "Can't You Read"--- my deepest, sincerest thanks to you.