Monday, September 10, 2007

About A Boy And A Boy

Boy 1: It's only been two weeks since I last saw you. What have you been doing? How did u get that much sexier in such a short time?

Boy 2: Oh thanks! Well, I've been working out a lot more often... And I've been following the diet program you gave me.

Pregnant pause. They continued dancing in uncomfortable silence, each glancing occassionally at the other's eyes.

Few minutes elapsed. Maybe three.

Boy 1: Uhmm... How would you like to go home with me ton...

Boy 2: Wait a minute! Didn't you just dump me two weeks ago?

Boy 1: Dump?! No way! I never dump people. That's rude! I just... You know, I told you this already. I just don't want a relationship.

Boy 2: What do you need me for then?

Boy 1: I want us to still be friends.

Boy 2: Consolation prize?

Boy 1: No! (a beat) And fuck buddies maybe.

Boy 2: Ohh, (insert Boy 1's real name here)! You're still that spoiled! You can't have everything your way.

Boy 2 walks away.

Boy 1 dials Boy 3's number.

**based on a true story