Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Stalker In The Rye

Across the room from you, I stood motionless; Oblivious of the many sweaty men --- their skins exposed --- dancing between us. As if in a trance --- my ears unable to follow the beat of the pulsating music, and my eyes looking past the heads and shoulders swaying in front of me --- I watched your every move. Every blink. Every breath.

Outside, the world was beginning to come alive. Daybreak has started and the city was readying itself for the hustle and bustle that was to start any moment soon. But inside, where we were, the long night has just begun. It was dark, and all that illuminated our space were hypnotic strands of lights of varied colors --- just enought for half-closed eyes to see silhouettes of people and things.

In that little world that was our transient habitat, time has ceased to subsist and will continue to be nonexistent until the music fades and the lights grow brighter. For some, their stay would seem days and days of nonstop gaiety while for some, but a few minutes of temporary joy.

Activity abounded me. Us. But all my senses could perceive was you. Your existence. Your being. At certain moments, you fascinated me. Other times, you excited me. Intrigued me sometimes, even. And made me wonder why we never were. Or why we could never be. Why my wit and charm failed to enamor you.

Maybe not just yet. Maybe in another time and place. Or in another lifetime.

Until then, keep dancing. And keep letting me watch you. This is enough to make me happy.