Thursday, September 13, 2007

Home Makeover Gone Wrong

A scene from The Broken Hearts Club:*

Dennis comes home after having a haircut and finds out that his new roommate, Taylor, has rearranged his living room. Dennis is not very excited about it.

Dennis: Where is my living room?

Taylor: Distributed evenly around the house.

Dennis: This is not my living room. This is your living room. Now put my living room back.


You build your home for three months and nurture it for two years. Suddenly it goes through major renovation --- a renovation that seems inevitable --- and you see it for the first time after the overhaul. Then you feel that it's not the house that you've built --- not the home that you've envisioned it to be in the beginning and that you've grown to love through time. That some parts --- major and minute --- have been replaced, but they're just not the right size or the right kind. Or maybe they are, but the carpenters didn't fortify them the way they should have.

Won't you feel bad?

Then, just as you're trying to convince yourself that it's not that bad after all, here come the new carpenters who renovated your house and the old ones who were with you in the beginning, parading in front of your very eyes, congratulating one another and cheering themselves for "a job well done".

How will you conceal the tears brought about by feeling too insulted?

You can't.

You just run to the washroom and sob in silence. Briefly. Because you have a show to do.

*written from memory. please pardon any inaccuracies