Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thank God For YM, Our Apartment Is Quiet As Ever.

This is the layout of our apartment.

The dining table is on the other side of my bedroom's west wall. Literally, if I need to put something on it, I don't even have to step out of my bedroom door to do that.

On late nights such as this, Dan takes out his laptop from his non-smoking room and does all his online duties in the dining area so that he could surf the net without needing to go out of his room every once in a while to have a fag.

That's how close Dan is to me right now as I am writing this entry. We need not shout in order to hear each other. All we need is Yahoo Messenger.

Here's an example of our home interaction, from last night:

dtsalvanajr: psssssssssst
dtsalvanajr: hindi ka pa gutom?
mail_for_ryan: di pa naman.
mail_for_ryan: kaw?
dtsalvanajr: feel mo na ba kumain in 5 mins?
mail_for_ryan: go!
dtsalvanajr: kanina pa luto yong kanin
dtsalvanajr: ok, i'll call u
mail_for_ryan: 5 mins izit!
dtsalvanajr: friend, pa-extend konti
mail_for_ryan: okidoki
mail_for_ryan: ready tayo anytime! :-)

And from tonight:

dtsalvanajr: rye, na-upload ko na ang episode 10
mail_for_ryan: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
mail_for_ryan: at least there's something to smile about tonight.
dtsalvanajr: oh yes! thanks to our podcast. hala, ipagkalat mo na
mail_for_ryan: ok
mail_for_ryan: lika dito, mag [CENSORED] tayo! hehehe
dtsalvanajr: loka, ayoko
dtsalvanajr: muna
dtsalvanajr: hehehe
mail_for_ryan: haha! chika lang! di naman ako [CENSORED] noh!
dtsalvanajr: ang linaw ng voice natin
dtsalvanajr: medyo chaka lang yong pagka-record ng OBB natin
mail_for_ryan: dahil jan...
mail_for_ryan: ur laptop is the new podcast laptop
dtsalvanajr: yes yes yes!
dtsalvanajr: then after every recording, order online HAHAHA!
mail_for_ryan: true!
mail_for_ryan: gagawa na ko ng wishlist ko
mail_for_ryan: hehehe
dtsalvanajr: :-P