Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another One On Compassion

I know somebody will not be very happy with this post (i.e., my financial planner). But what the heck! He's gonna find out sooner or later anyway. Might as well blog about it now.


So yeah, my computer crashed and I need to have Windows reinstalled. Dell tech support assured me earlier today that there is hope. The hard disk is ok and the files are recoverable. Not all of them though. They can only recover up to 10 Gb of files. I could have bitched and bickered nonstop to force them to back up my whole C:/ partition, but I was just drained of energy after staying on the phone with them for about 3 hours, that I just accepted their offer with a sigh.

Still, I really think I need to get myself a new computer. My Dell is 3 years old already and I'm sure it will crash again in the near future. And next time around, on its 2nd major stroke, I doubt it will still be revive-able.

I was on my way home early this afternoon, and I passed by this little shop in Citygate, when I felt a strong force of energy calling me. It was irresistible. I looked to the direction the energy was coming from and I saw a little green reptile. He was lonely. He stared at me as if saying, "Are you just gonna stand there and ignore my plea for help? Where is your heart?" I was dumbfounded.

This untimely tantrums my Dell is throwing, plus the planned trip I have with friends to Bohol before the next payday, and the many unforeseen expenses this month have all made my March budget really, really tight. But I'm only human. I have a heart and more often than it may seem, my compassion takes over me. Like today. When I saw the green reptile. Maybe I will just scrimp on tuna and rice over the next couple of days. Maybe I will need to re-adjust my social life this month. Maybe I will just ask Dan to extend his graciousness some more so I could use his computer until the next payday, when I have more financial freedom to get myself a new one. Maybe I will just have to press pennies harder over the next 3 weeks. It doesn't matter. I was bent on adopting the reptile to make his life just a tad happier. In my warm apartment, he will have friends who will welcome him with loving arms when I bring him home. So, without thinking twice, I asked the foster home to allow me to bring him home. After about 2 minutes of negotiaitons, I found myself clutching him in my arms.

And look how happy he is in his new home!

The chocolate brown cowhide baby that I adopted in December is now also enjoying her new-found joy. She is French but was born and raised in the UK. They are the newest playmates in my family. Oh! (How could I forget?) And there's also the black little trendy kid from Manila that I adopted from my good friend Jethro. He's a bit shy though. He's still finding his place in the family. In time, I'm sure he'll be ok.

There's just one more kid that's waiting for me to own her from her foster home. Her name is Donna, a big, white girl from New York. Maybe next monthy, Donna.

So, in honor of my ever-growing loving family, here is our family's song...

"...We are a family/ Like a giant tree/ Branching up towards the sky..."