Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Ninong Rye, Are You Gay?"

I will be busy over the next two hours, re-watching "Across The Universe" (which I just saw this afternoon in our green room). The film is so engaging and moving, I think it deserves a second screening, in a less noisy environment (i.e., my room).

While I'm singing along to the Beatles tunes that were used in the film, allow me to share with you the comment I posted on the latest post of Aries: a recollection of an incident that happened during the Sinulog Festival, at his aunt's house where his seemingly innocent young cousin asked whether he was gay. I am posting this comment here in my blog for the reason that Aries appreciated what I said and I just thought it might --- somehow, someday--- come handy for anyone who might be in the same situation. I'm not suggesting you memorize the script. I'm just saying that, I think, in all our human interactions, love should still be all that matters. Not our sexual preference.

He ended that post with:

"tama na ba yung sinagot ko? kayo, anong sagot niyo?"

Here goes my comment:

"Ako, bakla?!? Of course not! I'm just straight curious!"

circa 2002.

yung favorite kong inaanak-- anak ng very close friend kong lesbian-- was 4 years old then. it was the afternoon of september 21, my birthday and i brought him to glorietta. as we were in line to the cashier, he nudged me and said,
"ninong rye, are you gay?"

Ninong Rye: (gulat syempre. tila nablangko panandalian) Why do you ask, dudi?

Dudi: Sabi ni yaya, gay ka daw.

Ninong Rye: Did she tell you what it means to be gay?

Dudi: No.

Ninong Rye: When you grow a little bit older, Dudi, you will know what gay really means. Pag nalaman mo na, you won't have to ask ninong Rye. You will know the answer. Habang di ka pa lumalaki, just know that Ninong Rye loves you so much, ok?

Dudi: How much?

Ninong Rye: kasinglaki ng whole universe!


Dudi's turning 10 in June. I guess he won't be needing to ask me anymore.


Here's part of Kiks' comment as well:

...pero prinsesa, okay lang ang sagot na yon. walang mali o tamang sagot dyan. ikaw lang ang makakapag-assess.

I agree.

*non-Filipino speaking readers, please send me a message if you need a translation.