Friday, February 01, 2008

Everybody Line Up! The Show Is About To Start!

Here's part of the email I got from Edowan the other day --- something that got me all excited and looking forward to the summer:

It's time to think FLOATILLA 2008 ....... what to wear, how to trim down, and look fabulous !

FLOATILLA date is here to come & stay : MAY 11th !

May 12th is a Public Holiday = Budha's Birthday, so a perfect day to recover from your sins and senses.

Where oh where I hear you be confirmed closer to date, in order to keep the paparazi at bay - so to say !

Best to start planning your outfits, boats, and slim/trim that body. Lets show HK how much fun this GLBT day of Unity can be. Weather Freddy has promised us more sun this May (over April last year).

So watch this space for more news from Greg's Floatilla's new web-site this Feb - in both Chinese & English !

Ok, boys and girls! Let's start getting ready for what GMagazine dubbed as "the hottest, wettest, and newest annual gay event in HK" (also the biggest, if I may add.)


Scenes from Floatilla 07