Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Punyeta Ang Lamig!

It's been terribly cold.

It's been terribly, terribly cold.
Go away, winter.
We don't want you anymore.

photo credit: Junk Girl on Flickr

This winter is considered to be the coldest in 1oo years and had already caused dozens of deaths in Mainland China. It was reported that a few days ago, the thermometer registered 0.9 degrees Celsius in Ngong Ping, the peak of Lantau Island (the island on which I live) --- a tourist spot that boasts of the largest outdoor sitting Buddha; about a 20-minute drive from my place.

Besides the extreme cold, we are also battling with erratic humidity conditions. One minute our noses are bleeding from the unforgiving dryness of the air, the next minute, it's drizzling, foggy and damp. Hello, dry skin!

Winter officially began in November and we've been experiencing the sudden drops and rises in temperature since then. The unbelievable cold started sometime between Christmas and New Year's. It hasn't stopped getting worse even until now. The most disconcerting part according to HK Observatory is, the weather isn't expected to improve over the next few days.

Times like this, I miss home. I miss the Philippines. All of its 7, 107 tropical islands. High tide or low tide.