Thursday, July 12, 2007

About A Boy At The Gym (the shower bit)

I turned away from him and, immediately, I felt his strong hand grab me by the arm. "Wait," he exclaimed. My mouth dry, butterflies fluttering relentlessly in my stomach, my heart beating fast like I just finished Franz's Variation in Copellia, I turned to him.

"Can I have some of your toothpaste?" he asked me.

I felt silly. What the hell was I thinking? Without uttering a word, I handed the tube to him. He smiled and said, "Great. Thanks!" I smiled back and removed his hand that was still holding my arm. I excused myself and went in the shower.

I haven't even begun to hang my towel on the hook by the wall when I realized that my bath gel wasn't with me when I went in the shower. I paused for a few seconds to recall the route that I took from the locker to the shower. I must've left it by the sink. I took my towel and re-wrapped it on my waist. I opened the door of the cubicle where I was and, looking down on my feet to make sure I don't hit the hump that marks the parameters of the shower, I saw another pair facing mine. I looked up and, lo and behold! It was the boy.

"Looking for your bath gel?" He handed my Body Shop Olive Oil Bath Gel to me.

"Oh, thanks! Where did you find it?"

"You left it on the sink."

"I thought so." Our eyes locked for a moment. Damn, Rye! Stop it! Go back inside now. He could have crabs! "Well.... thank you," I continued and started to close the door.

"Hey, here's your toothpaste," he said.

"You done?"

"Yeah. I've already gotten some." He raised his toothbrush to show me. Right as I looked at the oral gadget he was holding, he turned it on and it produced a sound that sounded like a sex toy. I felt like I was being hypnotized. His toothbrush was vibrating fast that the toothpaste he had put on it dripped. It landed just a few inches above his adonis belt, which was partly exposed the whole time we were conversing in the locker room.

I let out an "Oops!"

He responded with a "Shit!" He then quickly removed the towel that was covering his pelvic region to wipe the toothpaste off his skin. The action was too swift that I didn't get to divert my focus to another part of his body, or another part of mine, or another part of the room. My eyes were glued.

Everything happened seemingly faster than a blink but everything registered to me in slow motion. Super slow. Agonizingly slow, even. The way the toothpaste dripped; the way he said oh shit; the way his fingers clawed the towel; the way the fabric unfastened; the way it flung and gathered to his right; the way, like an artist unveiling his piece de resistance, he exposed the little red snake tattooed just above his pubic hair --- almost in the same area of my body where my black little 6-year old gecko resides; the way he wiped off the toothpaste, unmeaningly flexing his arm; the way he gave me an evil smile when he saw that I was stunned; and the way

to be continued...