Sunday, July 08, 2007

Postponing The Boy For The Ladies

I was gonna write part 3 of the "About A Boy At The Gym" series today. When I logged on though, I realized that a message from the beratemyblog ladies on my cbox was waiting for me, saying that my review was out already.

Here it goes:

Review: Can't You Read?

Graphics -- Hectic as the blogger's world of stage lights and bustling Hong Kong. The layout shows spreads photos without looking albumish and the the header shows style. The ballerina videos are a treat.

Content -- The high and low points of a dancer's work life,
relationships, and assorted gay community happenings. Rye posts a moving birthday tribute to his mom, which will shame you brats out there who take everything for granted.

A bloglink slams the Pope for his stand against same-sex
marrriage, but Rye's comment shows no resentment. The whole site comes out like the 'about me' part that says, 'I am just a common man with common thoughts', cheerful and unperturbed.

You close the pages with some compassion for this self-effacing person who works and loves as hard as he can with no holding back. You will have a full life to look back on, Rye.

Recommend -- Keep telling it like it is, and always be as upbeat as you are. Also, you could find more carefree-looking page colors to go with your content.

Rating -- 8.5

I have always wished that someday, somebody would link the adjective imperturbable to my name. Well, they didn't. But unperturbed is just as good.

Thank you, ladies! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being very sweet and for making my first-ever blog review not even remotely close to traumatic.