Thursday, July 05, 2007

Foreign Language and Ordinal Numbers 101

Below in italics is an Indonesian phrase I learned just tonight, after a night of cocktails at a friend's house to celebrate 4th of July. I challenge my readers to translate it in English. The first to translate it correctly (write in as a comment on this entry) will be featured on "Can't You Read?" and will be greeted and publicized on "The Dan and Rye Show Ep.25 (Season 1 ender)".

Lengkap Dengan Bumbu

Good luck, linguists! :-)

4th of July reminded me of an episode that happened to a close friend of mine in an elevator here in HK few months back. She was given a lesson in ordinal numbers which she eagerly shared with us.
Scene: Aboard an elevator in a residential building. My friend was holding a huge box with both her hands.
Voice Over : Lift going up. (followed by the Cantonese translation)
Friend : Excuse me, fifty-second please.
Chinese man : (puzzled) Huh?!
Friend : Fifty-second..?
Chinese man : Sorry?
Friend : Fifty-two. Please press fifty-two.
Chinese man : (gave her a condescending, you-better-brush-up-on-your-english-miss look) Ohh... Fifty-twoth!
Ok. SO now, we know.. Oneth, Twoth, Treeth, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and so on..
Application: Please disregard sentence #3 of my first paragraph on Foreign Language and replace it with: "The oneth to translate it correctly (write in as a comment on this entry)..."