Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Attack Of Everything French

The iFications of Clark is one of the blogs that I religiously follow. Yesterday, the author posted a live performance of Rufus Wainwright singing Complainte dela Butte --- one of my favoritest songs of all time. I checked again tonight and he has replaced it with the song's original music video. So here I am, doing my share in propagating Rufus and his song.

This video is exactly the reason that I reminisced on Guillaume and the past that we shared. Well, this is the troikasters' latest podcast.

Recounting the past was quite paiful and quite draining as well. Finishing it, and clicking the publish button finally, was relieving. I've said my piece and it's over.

But maybe Alanis wasn't kidding when she said " has a funny way of sneaking up on you/ When you think everything's okay and everything's going right".

Just a few hours after I wrote that entry, I met a French couple at my friend Rabbi's birthday bash. Salut, monsieurs!

As I visited the iFications page tonight, I discoverd another video that the author just uploaded -- a gay short (3 mins., 3 secs.) in.. voila! French. It's phenomenal. But it's French -- just what I don't need right now. Here it is, anyway:

This picture on my phone:

reminded me --- while I was on the train, feeling famished --- of this fabulously posh Euro-fusion restaurant we dined in sometime last week where I had the bestest foie gras ever. Even better than anything I've had in Paris, Poitiers, Lyon, Normandy and Provence.

And finally, an ad that the Regional Tourism Committee of Paris Ile-de-France released last year to attract Londoners to Paris as part of their C'est So Paris! campaign.

Blah! Je suis très dramatique! Tse!