Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wrong. Just wrong.

I slept over a friend's place the other night. (Dan and Chris: Note that I "slept over a friend's place", not "slept with a friend at his place'. Believe me. You're my best friends! lol) When I woke up, I examined his marvelously eclectic collection of books written in various languages and look what I found:

authored by Adam Russ, published by Robson books, London

I turned the pages and somewhere in the Asia section, I found...

Those who've read the entry, "Just A Little Dose Of Patriotism" probably know that I do love Manila.

Wrong. Just wrong. I was hurt quite a bit, Mr. Russ!


While we're on the subject of wrongness, allow me to show you another photo.

This was taken on Tuesday night at Volume, during Rabbi's birthday bash. Just about a day since I've recovered from 24 hours of partying like a rockstar from Saturday to Sunday night; and the eve of my first workweek day.

Wrong. Just wrong.


That really nice German guy has been reading my blog.

Wrong. Just wrong.

Now, how else can I write about him?


Gute nacht!