Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Simple Pleasures

I woke up this morning and found a half-full pack of Marlboro Lights on my computer desk that Dan left last night, which he didn’t bother to take back from me. (Dan’s half pack of Lights) + (my half pack of Reds) = a day’s worth of cigs… gratis!

On the way to work, this cheerfully lovely young man at the train station flashed his armpit and smiled at me. I took out my cam from my bag and took his pic. I blushed secretly.

Then, just as I was about to alight the train, the clouds cleared and revealed the excruciatingly scorching summer sun. I saw Drew --- a close straight friend, a young daddy at 22, with a chest that girls and boys alike (you know what I mean) salivate for and arms that define the word “tsalap” --- holding his umbrella. He offered (okay, he didn’t offer. I asked him and he gamely agreed) to be my knight in shining armor.

I had for lunch a rechauffe from last night’s dinner that Dan made: chop suey made to perfection! Orgasmically delicious and definitely blog-worthy. (I really love it, Dan! Congratulations! So proud of you. Now, let’s strive for consistency, ok? We want exactly the same taste and texture the next time you make it again.)

I got an unexpected call from a very dear friend, Keith Mitchell from NYC. Keith used to work with us here in HK until his contract expired in Feb of this year. He was the wall I leaned on when my boyfriend of 2+ years and I broke up. We became very close and people thought we were either a couple or fb’s. We told everyone we were just friends, and that we’ve never slept together, but no one believed us. NO ONE. Not even our closest friends. We both have been trying to reach each other since last week, but we always missed each other’s calls. Today was no exception. He called while I was in warm-up class, so all I got was, AGAIN, a voicemail. But that’s ok. The point is, he tried.

(I took a break after that last sentence I wrote and tried to call him again. He picked up and we got to talk for a good 9 minutes, 38 seconds. Hallelujah!)

A little bit of motivating myself got me to work out. Afterwhich, I had my day’s serving of protein shake --- FREE from Anna Fegi --- and smoked salmon sandwich that I never thought Disney had. Thanks to Dan and Chris’s boredom, they went to Disneyland Hotel during their standby time and discovered that.

Just a few minutes before I started composing this entry, I surfed the net to look up interesting images that would be appropriate for my subject. To my surprise, I found four jpeg files of me that made me smile. The first was from the playbill of the last play I did for my college theater guild, Artistang Artlets, entitled Deuterium, circa 2000. Back in the day when I could literally munch on anything edible I set my eyes on and not worry about gaining a pound.

The second was from an advertisement of The Centre for Impact, a HK-based organization that “aims at building the capacity of local gay men in the areas of corporate and personal development” (or so they say).

The third and fourth were taken at the HK Floatilla, a big gay party in the middle of the sea that happened sometime in May. I didn’t know that my friend, Rabbi, posted our pics until Joel McVie posted a comment on my cbox about them. I never really remembered to check out his blog for those pics until tonight. (photos grabbed without permission from Rabbi)

And last but not the least, the wonderful comments we’ve received from our listeners on our most recent episode of The Dan & Rye Show. I’m speechless. Just speechless.


Tonight, Christina Aguilera is having her major concert here in HK. Few hours back, a friend of mine asked me whether I was going. I said no. She acted surprised; and in a very dramatic fashion, said, “Whaaaaaaaaaat?!?! Why not?” Until I got home from work, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking why I should go. Just now, I realized the answer.

I’ve already had my share of pleasures for today. And I’m happy that didn’t need to spend HK$1,300.00 to find that. I guess it’s true what they say. It’s the little things… and the joy they bring.

With a big smile on my face,