Sunday, January 06, 2008

The 12 Days Of Christmas Highlights 3


Day 6 (Dec 25) - Christmas Dinner at Steve's. On his Multiply account, Steve said: "This gathering is not about Christmas or New Year... but I just moved flat, and found an excuse therefore to invite some friends for some food and some booze." So it was more like a house warming party-slash-G4M HK-mini-EB. Hehehe!

The two buckets of Chickenjoy were, without a doubt, the main feature on the dining table, but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Enan's pasta, shrimps and sweet & sour fish were even more heavenly.

When Steve invited us days before the actual event, I joked about wanting Moët & Chandon for Christmas. That evening, he apologized for not being able to get a bottle of Moët & Chandon. He got Veuve Clicquot Brut instead. And not one, but two bottles. Besides that, he also got 4 bottles of vodka, and a bottle of Merlot.Isn't Steve such an angel?

Day 7 (Dec 26) - Chris's Boat Party. Chris turned 23 and decided to celebrate with 50+ friends, on a boat that cruised from Marina Bay, Discovery Bay to Central. On the photo above are me and Chris, unwrapping the cheeses and cold cuts.

the class photo at Marina Bay, taken 2 minutes before we boarded the boat

Halfway through the trip, some people started getting seasick. Others started getting drunk. Some just kept taking photos. Everyone was cold. And I hoarded the Camembert and a bottle of Bordeaux and stayed in my own little corner on the upper deck of the boat.

Day 8 (Dec 27) - An Affair To Remember, The Christmas Prom. Sometime in the first week of December, Ate Des approached me at work, told me about this Christmas party her husband, Ralion was organizing, and asked me whether I had the time and the interest to design the invite. I eagerly said yes and came up with two studies: the one above (the official invite) and the one below (my personal pitch). Everyone got excited right after the invites were sent out and some people started looking for something nice and dressy to wear. Dan and I started scouting for potential prom dates.

Dressing up as fantasy or fictional characters is something we do on a regular basis. Dressing up sharply isn't. In the morning of the 27th, I woke up with a minor stiff neck that got worse at work. But I didn't let that stop me from coming to the party (and I got in trouble for doing so). When I got to the party, I was delighted to see that there were more than one Justin-Brian pair. There were (photo below) Steve-Dan, Ryeness-Ryan, and Nelson-Mansley.

me and my very adorable date, Ryan dancing to "King & Queen of Hearts"
The Dan & Rye Show goes manly. A very rare TD&RS event.

Had the organizers decided to pick the "Prom King & Queen" that night, I'm pretty certain these two would get the award:
"looking stupid and doing it with INTEGRITY" -- Marah's very own words, describing her look for the night.
...will be continued.