Monday, January 28, 2008

Twinkling Eyes And Visibly Whiter Skin

I've been receiving so many compliments on my new eyes since Saturday night. It's really overwhelming. It's amazing what 70yuan, 45 minutes and 10mm can do.

Saturday morning, I decided to join my friends who were going to Shenzhen that day. But all I was really after were the shopping and the spa. At 10pm, I thought, we'd be done with those and I could take the train back to HK and be at work fresh and bright the following day.

But then, like always, I let go of the will power I held on to all day long and gave in to the lure of a big, gay party and said goodbye to the last HK-bound train that night --- a decision I was sure I would regret the following day.

But the universe was nice to me. Free drinks and somethings, I received all night. And men --- gorgeous, hard-bodied Chinese men --- coming up to me saying I have very sexy eyes. Hah! If they only knew.

Sunday, I was reeking of alcohol and have had barely two hours of shallow sleep. I was practically wasted. But my eyes showed otherwise. And my colleagues loved them! As if that night itself wasn't enough to soften the blow of a difficult working Sunday I prepared myself to face, I received the same praise from my colleagues so many times from the time I got to the theatre until I left at the end of my shift to meet up with Dan to see a play. And Dan, my best friend-slash-flatmate who probably knows my face more than anybody does (besides Rems), greeted me with "Bakla, anong meron sa mata mo (Fag, what's with your eyes)?"

Today wasn't any different. I am now sitting in my room after a long day just feeling so pretty!

So what really is this secret that made my eyes "very sexy", according to the gay boys of Shenzhen that costs 70yuan, took 45 minutes to apply and measures 10mm?

You will find out when I post the vlog on our Shenzhen trip. In the meantime, here is the new Pond's series that I stole from the goddess that made me squirm with kilig. Call it babaw, I don't care. Kinilig ako e, bakit ba?

Rems, padalan mo ko ng Pond's flawless white! Dali! Para magka-manugang ka na ulit! Dalawang dosena. Hah?