Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Midnight Snack Of 2008

I'm quite sure Mamu won't be very happy when he gets home tonight from his bible study. Our flat reeks of danggit stench all over, and the cinnamonn candles don't seem to help at all.

After going through some blogs, trying to catch up on what I had missed over the past 10 (or so) days, I stepped out of my room to get myself something to drink. I saw Dan, standing by the kitchen door having a banana, which he preluded with my most recent addiciton: Doritos Fiery Habanero. I asked whether he was hungry and without missing a beat, he gave out a no, which sounded more like whatever you're intending to cook, cook it now. let's eat!

I got him to come to the kitchen where I showed him the contents of a bag that my good friend, Novy, who was here for the New Year's, brought us for pasalubong. I urged him, "Mamili ka. Danggit, tuyo o dilis?" He smiled the kind of smile that said he liked the idea but he didn't wanna be the one to choose because he didn't wanna be responsible. See, when you've gone past the age of 25, weight maintenance gets a little more difficult. Yes, even when you are a dancer. This is a fact. And eating mindlessly, especially full, heavy meals late at night is among the biggest sins of all. Neither one of us wanted to be the mastermind sinner. Trying to still not be the mastermind sinner, he eliminated dilis from the options leaving me to choose between danggit and tuyo. I chose the former.

When I finished frying the danggit, I made some fluffy scrambled eggs and vinegar with garlic. I wanted to make sinangag out of the leftover rice in the rice cooker. Dan stopped me, saying it would just make matters worse (read: more carbs consumption).

It was 1:20am. Our midnight snack had been served.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I told Dan I was starting to get bored and restless. Without even having to think or ask me why, he said it's only because this is the first night, after 9 days, that we're not drinking or out partying. And this is the first night, after a week, that there's only the two of us in the flat --- no visiting friends from the Philippines, no dinner guests, no kainumans. Although I've been complaining that I never really felt Christmas this year, it has been one big party season and that, I can probably never experience at any other time of the year.

  • Dec 31 --- New Year Countdown at Volume; party at my place

  • Dec 30 --- party at Nelson's

  • Dec 29 --- Gil's departure; Jojo Mamangun's birthday; Joshua & Cat-V's thanksgiving party

  • Dec 28 --- arrival of Novy & Roy; Volume & CWB night

  • Dec 27 --- "An Affair To Remember", the Christmas Prom at Makumba

  • Dec 26 --- Chris's boat party

  • Dec 25 --- dinner and drinks at Steve's

  • Dec 24 --- Gil's arrival; Noche Buena at Ayi's; drinks at Drew & Noelle's

  • Dec 23 --- LK Christmas Party

  • Dec 22 --- The Dan & Rye Show's "secret friends" came over for drinks

  • Dec 21 --- Pre-Christmas dinner at Law's; podcast

  • Dec 20 --- Entertainment Christmas Cabaret; catching up with Law

Oh so it looks like Dan was wrong with he said it had been 9 days straight. 12 days. In the following days, I will be posting pics and anecdotes on how I (together with my friends) spent my 12 days of Christmas. For now, I'm gonna have to end this post and spend what remains of my energy to find a way to conceal, if not eliminate the smell of Cebu in our flat.